Reference for Matt McCaffrey

I am Mark Krieger, I was previously CEO of UniPress Software. UniPress was sold in 2006 to Numara Software. I built UniPress for more than 20 years. Then, after it was purchased, I stayed on for a few more years, so I know Matt McCaffrey for almost all of his working life, where he always reported directly to me.

A major reason for UniPress' success was our FootPrints service desk product, and Matt was the key developer who made FootPrints the great success that it became. He is a brilliant innovator, who starting in 1996, almost single-handedly designed and developed FootPrints from it's first release to release 4; and with that release and with the success in selling the product to hundreds and then thousands of customers, we were able to expand enough so that we had a staff -- for Matt to manage, while still doing the hard parts of the development himself.

With releases from FootPrints 5 to FootPrints 8, under his technical (and hands on leadership), we grew the product and its depth of features and maturity from a 'ticket' based service desk to an ITIL-compliant, service management, configuration management and change management product which competed successfully with companies like BMC.

Matt is focused, really really smart, strategically oriented, hands-on, and he was my right hand man for everything we did in making the product line and company technically successful. I have seen many many smart technical people in my day -- I was an American Visiting Computer Scientist at CERN, and I worked at Universities in the past -- but I would choose Matt over anyone I ever worked with.

Whoever hires Matt will be very fortunate to get his talents.

Mark Krieger
CEO, UniPress Software